Call for Cases: Multistate Cluster of Burkholderia multivorans

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The New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) Communicable Disease Service (CDS) is issuing a Health Advisory about multi-jurisdictional clusters of infections due to Burkholderia multivorans. CDC is working with state and local health departments to investigate infections due to B. multivorans in multiple jurisdictions following potential exposure to nonsterile ice and water from ice machines during clinical care activities. B. multivorans of the same strain as those identified from clinical isolates has been isolated from multiple ice machines from two of the affected hospitals across two states. Clinicians and other healthcare personnel should have a low threshold for reporting cases and clusters of B. multivorans to local or state public health authorities as outlined below.

Recommendations for Reporting

Contact Information:


                NJDOH Communicable Disease Service:

·         Claire Burns-Lynch, Antimicrobial Resistance Response Epidemiologist, NJDOH CDS Email:

·         CDS HAI/AR Unit Email:

·         NJDOH Communicable Disease Service, (609) 826-5964 during business hours


NJDOH Public Health and Environmental Laboratory:

·         Samuel Markos, ARLN Coordinator Microbiologist, NJDOH PHEL; Email:

·         Abolade Oyelade, Research Scientist/Program Manager, NJDOH PHEL; Email:

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