New Jersey DOH End of Year Vector-borne surveillance report, 2023

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Please find attached the 2023 NJDOH end of year vector-borne disease surveillance report.  

N.J. vector-borne disease data is available online: and can be accessed on the “Fight the Bite N.J.” webpage:

Previous reports can be accessed anytime on our website at: 

This information has been broadcast to: Animal Health Professionals; Animal Control Officers; Animal Facilities; Other-Animal Health Professionals; Veterinarians; Community Health Centers(FQHCs); Health Care Facilities/Other; Ambulatory Care; Assisted Living; Hospices; Long-Term Care; Other- Health Care Facilities; Residential Substance Abuse Treatment; Urgent Care Centers; Health Care Providers; Dentists; Dermatologists; ICPs; Infectious Disease; Internist/Critical Care; Medical Society; Neurologists; Nurses; OB/GYNs; Occupational Med; Ophthalmologists; Other Specialties; Other-Health Care Providers; Pediatricians; Primary Care/Family Practice; Surgeons; Administration; Emergency; Emergency Preparedness Coordinator; Infection Control; Medical Affairs/Staff ; Nursing/Patient Care Services; Security; _All Notifications; Local Boards of Health;