2023 CDRSS Case Closeout Instructions and Guidance

Official Message No.:111989-1-26-2024-PHIN
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All local public health agencies (local health departments and regional health commissions) are required to complete 2023 case investigations by Friday March 29, 2024.

·      The 2023 MMWR year extends from January 1, 2023 to December 30, 2023.  All cases in this date range MUST be LHD CLOSED by March 29, 2024.

·       Each case should have the appropriate Case Status – Confirmed, Possible, Probable, Not a Case, or Out of state, per the disease case definition. Report Under Investigation (RUI) is not an appropriate case status for closing a case. 

·       For diseases that have sub-groups (e.g., hepatitis C), you MUST choose the appropriate sub-group based on lab results and investigation.  Do not leave cases in ‘pending’ sub-group.

Guidance for high volume diseases are included in the 2023 CDRSS CASE CLOSE-OUT INSTRUCTIONS AND GUIDANCE (attached).

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