Green Sprouts Recalls Toddler’s Stainless Steel Bottles and Cups Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard

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There has been a recall of Green Sprouts Toddler’s Stainless-Steel Bottles and Cups. Please view the recommendations from the CDC below:


These products are being recalled because they contain a bottom base that can break off and expose a lead-containing solder dot, posing a lead poisoning hazard to the child. More information about this recall including specific items being recalled is available on the CPSC’s website. We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and partners. 


In addition, we encourage health care providers to 



This information has been broadcast to: Day Care Centers / Preschools; Local Boards of Health; DHSS Staff; NJDOH Staff; NJLINCS and Local Contacts; NJLINCS Community; Public Health Associations; Public Health Council