Influenza and Respiratory Illness Surveillance Report, Week Ending November 5, 2022 (MMWR week 44)

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Please find attached the NJDOH Influenza and Respiratory Illness Surveillance Report, Week ending November 5, 2022 (MMWR week 44) for the 2022-2023 season.

Report Highlights:

·       Influenza activity level is moderate statewide

·       Emergency Department visits and outpatient provider visits associated with influenza-like illness are higher than last week & higher than this week last year

·       There have been no confirmed influenza-associated pediatric deaths reported this season

·       Outbreaks of Influenza and RSV continue to increase in all settings throughout the state predominantly in school and child-care settings

·       Positive influenza results continue to be reported: influenza A (subtyping not performed) at 66.46%, followed by A(H3N2) at 29.60%, A (H1N1)pdm09 at 3.38%, and B at 0.56%

All reports (current and archived) can be accessed online at:

Please contact the Influenza and Respiratory Illness team at or 609-826-5964 with questions.

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