COVID-19 Facility Outbreak Reporting Survey Updates

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Key Survey Updates: 

Beginning on October 17, 2022:

(1)    Updates to the definition of ‘Expired’ will be added to the daily COVID-19 Facility Outbreak Reporting Survey.

(2)    Facilities completing the Active Surveillance Survey will report the number of new staff cases identified to align with updated COVID-19 outbreak definitions and reporting thresholds.

(3)    Vaccination coverage questions in both the Outbreak Reporting Survey and the Active Surveillance Survey will be updated to include coverage with the September 2022 bivalent COVID-19 booster and seasonal influenza vaccine. Information on monovalent COVID-19 booster administration will no longer be required.

Action Items:  

(1)    LTCF and other post-acute care facility administrators should review the attached changes to prepare for an updated daily survey format on October 17, 2022. Changes will be made to both the Outbreak Reporting Survey and the Active Surveillance Survey and therefore will affect all enrolled facilities.

(2)    LHDs should share this message with facility contacts in your jurisdiction if they are currently reporting daily updates via the COVID-19 Facility Outbreak Reporting Survey (facilities with open COVID-19 outbreaks and investigations designated with an E# or I#) or the Active Surveillance Survey (completed by facilities not currently experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19). Existing facility contacts will also receive an email from CDS with detailed instructions on completion of the survey. 

If facilities or LHDs have technical questions regarding the survey, they may email

Data reported through the survey will continue to be used to update the New Jersey COVID-19 Outbreaks in Long-Term Care Facilities dashboard which can be found here. This dashboard will be updated every Wednesday.

This information has been broadcast to: Long-term Care; Health Care Facilities / Other; Local Boards of Health; NJDOH Staff; NJLINCS and Local Contacts; NJLINCS Community