NJ Communi-CABLE newsletter, Spring 2022

Official Message No.:111319-5-4-2022-PHIN
Contact Info: Suzanne | suzanne.miro@doh.nj.gov
Attachments: No

The spring 2022 issue of the NJ Communi-CABLE, the newsletter for the New Jersey Department of Health - Communicable Disease Service, is available for viewing at https://www.nj.gov/health/cd/statistics/pub/ For more information please contact Suzanne Miro, Sr. Health Communication Specialist at suzanne.miro@doh.nj.gov

This information has been broadcast to: Community Health Centers (FQHCs); Emergency Medical Services / First Responders; Long-term Care; Health Care Facilities / Other; Health Care Organizations; Health Care Providers; Hospital Staff Directory; Hospital CEOs; Hospital Emerg Preparedness Coords; Hospital ER Medical Directors; Hospital Infection Control Practitioners; Hospital Medical Directors; Hospital Nursing Directors; Hospital Security Directors; ICU Administrator; Lab Director; Hospitals / Acute Care; Hospitals / Other; Hospitals / Veterans; Labs / Non-Sentinel; Labs / Sentinel; Occupational Health Organizations; Pharmaceutical Suppliers; Local Boards of Health; NJDOH Staff; NJLINCS and Local Contacts; NJLINCS Community; Public Health Associations; Public Health Council; Public Health Sector