Update to Guida's Dairy Milk Recall

Official Message No.:111275-3-31-2022-PHUP
Contact Info: Alan | 609-947-8595 | alan.talarsky@doh.nj.gov
Attachments: No

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture (CT DoAg) Bureau of Regulatory Services is investigating an incident involving Guida’s Dairy in New Britain, CT. The incident is regarding 1% low-fat half-pint milk cartons with a sell by date of APR 11 that contains diluted sanitizer.


The preliminary investigation report indicates that the actual issue is limited to milk within a specific time range of 4:30 and 7:30 and code stamped on the cartons. This milk had limited distribution in New Jersey.   Therefore, any other Guida’s Dairy 1% lowfat milk in cartons with sell by dates other than APR 11 and timestamps other than 04:30-07:30 may be distributed.


However, out of an abundance of caution Guida’s Dairy is asking all institutional customers possessing 1% low-fat half-pint milk cartons with a sell by date of APR 11 to dispose of the product. This guidance only applies to institutional customers. The affected product is not available at retail outlets for consumer purchase.


Guida’s Dairy is cooperating fully with CT DoAg regulatory officials.

This information has been broadcast to: Day Care Centers / Preschools; Hospital Staff Directory; Hospital CEOs; Hospital Emerg Preparedness Coords; Hospital ER Medical Directors; Hospital Infection Control Practitioners; Hospital Medical Directors; Hospital Nursing Directors; Hospital Security Directors; Hospitals / Acute Care; Hospitals / Other; Hospitals / Veterans; Local Boards of Health; NJDOH Staff; NJLINCS and Local Contacts; NJLINCS Community; Public Health Associations; Educational Institutions; School Administrators; School Nurses; Academic Leaders; Health Care Facilities / Other; Long-term Care; Health Care Organizations; Health Care Providers; Public Health Council; Public Health Sector; Local & County Government