New Jersey DOH vector-borne surveillance report, week 44

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Please find attached the NJDOH vector-borne surveillance report for week 44.
Report highlights:
  • To date, there have been 36 WNV human cases (no change from last week) reported in 12 counties, which is the 3rd highest number of annual cases after 2018 (61 cases) and 2012 (48 cases). In a typical year, there are 8 reported WNV cases. Five WNV cases have resulted in fatalities in 4 counties.
  • Half of the human WNV cases developed symptoms between the weeks ending on September 11th and September 25th. The last illness onset date occurred during the week ending October 23rd.
  • West Nile virus (WNV) has not been detected in mosquito pools this week. 993 pools have tested positive in 2021, with the highest numbers in Bergen and Union counties. This is the 2nd highest number of WNV positive pools after 2018 (1,331 pools) over the past twenty years. Activity has been decreasing since week 35. Mosquito pool submissions end on November 12, 2021.
  • No other new arboviral activity was reported in people, mosquitoes, or animals this week.
  • Consistent with historical patterns, the number of tick-related visits to emergency departments is increasing, coinciding with when adult deer ticks emerge. A higher than usual number of Anaplasmosis cases has been reported this year, while other tickborne diseases are at either consistent or lower levels than historical averages.
  • This will be the last weekly surveillance report for 2021 unless there are events that warrant additional updates. A season summary report will be posted online in the next few months.
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