Public Health Message Archive

Below you will find the most recent Public Messages distributed by the New Jersey Department of Health.
Public Health Alerts
Message Number Date Sent Subject
112081-5-9-2024-PHAL 5/9/2024 4:37:31 PM Cluster of Delaware Overdose Poisonings Involving Bromazol
111896-10-5-2023-PHAL 10/5/2023 11:18:33 AM Potential Disruption in Access to Care in Passaic County Region
111801-6-20-2023-PHAL 6/20/2023 12:10:51 PM Xylazine in Illicit Drug Supply
111329-5-12-2022-PHAL 5/12/2022 1:01:46 PM SyrSpend SF Cherry by Fagron: Recall - Due to Microbial Contamination
111310-4-28-2022-PHAL 4/28/2022 11:38:03 AM Potential Risk of Airway Obstruction When Using Certain Electromyogram Endotracheal Tubes
Public Health Advisories
Message Number Date Sent Subject
112111-6-13-2024-PHAD 6/13/2024 2:06:49 PM Guidance for NJ Schools on Hot and Humid Days
112109-6-12-2024-PHAD 6/12/2024 2:54:49 PM Severe Illness Potentially Associated with Consuming Diamond ShruumzTM Brand Chocolate Bars, Cones, and Gummies
112108-6-11-2024-PHAD 6/11/2024 3:01:20 PM Doxycycline post-exposure prophylaxis (doxy PEP) for bacterial Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
112088-5-20-2024-PHAD 5/20/2024 3:06:12 PM Meningococcal Disease Cases Linked to Travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA): Ensure Pilgrims are Current on Meningococcal Vaccination
112069-4-29-2024-PHAD 4/29/2024 3:24:20 PM Preventing Heat-Related Illness in Vulnerable Populations
Public Health Updates
Message Number Date Sent Subject
112073-5-1-2024-PHUP 5/1/2024 1:57:10 PM New Jersey Poison Control Center and Xylazine Reporting
111996-2-2-2024-PHUP 2/2/2024 3:49:58 PM Urgent Message from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration – Recalled Neptune’s Fix products
111980-1-16-2024-PHUP 1/16/2024 5:09:28 PM Update on High Blood Lead Levels in Children Consuming Recalled Cinnamon Applesauce Pouches and Potential Chromium Exposure
111975-1-12-2024-PHUP 1/12/2024 12:13:01 PM Increase in Reported Mpox Cases in New Jersey
111940-11-28-2023-PHUP 11/28/2023 4:15:08 PM Increased Canine Respiratory Illnesses in United States
Public Health Information
Message Number Date Sent Subject
112110-6-13-2024-PHIN 6/13/2024 8:31:33 AM New Jersey DOH Vector-borne surveillance report, week 23
112103-6-6-2024-PHIN 6/6/2024 12:40:38 PM New Jersey DOH Vector-borne surveillance report, week 22
112096-5-31-2024-PHIN 5/31/2024 9:13:36 AM NJ Rabies Vaccination Clinic Reminders
112095-5-30-2024-PHIN 5/30/2024 4:10:49 PM New Jersey DOH Vector-borne surveillance report, week 21
112094-5-30-2024-PHIN 5/30/2024 10:37:19 AM Your Voice Matters! Contribute to Infection Prevention Education in South Jersey
Message Number Date Sent Subject
112080-5-9-2024-TRNG 5/9/2024 3:19:06 PM LHO Ramping Up for Summer- Youth Camp and Public Recreational Bathing Project Updates
112065-4-24-2024-TRNG 4/24/2024 3:10:19 PM Registration Open: CDS Communicable Disease Forum - May 1st, 2024
112062-4-23-2024-TRNG 4/23/2024 12:04:37 PM Project Firstline Free Online Self-Paced Infection Control Training
112061-4-23-2024-TRNG 4/23/2024 10:39:32 AM NJDOH Mpox Webinar: “An Update on Mpox in New Jersey: What Providers Need to Know”
111883-9-15-2023-TRNG 9/15/2023 1:27:48 PM Updated: Respiratory Virus Webinar Training for Schools & Childcare Providers: 09/28/2023
Message Number Date Sent Subject
112104-6-10-2024-RECL 6/10/2024 10:53:19 AM Food Recalls
112100-5-31-2024-RECL 5/31/2024 2:53:34 PM Food Recalls
112075-5-2-2024-RECL 5/2/2024 3:40:47 PM Dixon Ticonderoga Recalls Creativity Street Foam Pattern Rollers Due to Violation of Federal Lead Content Ban
112042-4-1-2024-RECL 4/1/2024 11:34:36 AM Food Recalls
112027-3-15-2024-RECL 3/15/2024 3:33:03 PM Food Recalls